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(2) Yorkville EF15P $1800 for the pair / 15-inch / 3-inch - 1200 watts

PEAVEY DTH 3 $500 for the Pair                                             Peavey SP118 Subs $400 for the Pair

          2 Available Grund Audio UB-2420 2x12" & 2" Horn B&C $350 each                

The Grund Audio UB-2420 is a high-powered design consisting of dual Neo drivers to maintain a symetrical balance of cone dispersion in the system. This is an excellent choice when the front-to-back coverage of a room needs to exceed 40° vertical. When most two-box clusters cannot cover more than a 40° vertical, two UB-2420's arrayed together create a vertical pattern of 80° front-to-back for even coverage. Also, when two boxes are used together, designation of near-field and far-field is possible, making the overall performance of the horizontal and vertical planes smoother and more linear than a typical box.