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Guitar Amp Microphone

$59 Delivered

SUPERLUX PRA-628 Guitar Amp and recording Mic
The super-cardioid Superlux PRA-628 instrument microphone has been specially developed for miking guitar cabs face on and extremely close to the signal source. Its unique design enables this mic to be hung over the backline speaker alleviating the need for a microphone stand. It is also supplied with a gooseneck mounting clamp enabling various attachment configurations.

• Dynamic Cartridge Element
• Super Cardioid Polar pattern
• 80-16000Hz Frequency response
• -56 (1.6mv/pa) Sensitivity (dBV/pa)
• 500 ohms Nominal Impedance
• Max. SPL 144dB (THD<=1% 1000Hz)
• Dimensions - Dia. 60mm x 35mm (W) x 130mm (H)
• Weight - 210g.

High Gain before feedback High SPL duration
Dynamic super cardiod
Guitar Amp pick up Speaker Pick Up
Bass Amp pick up Piano
Type: Dynamic Microphone
Element:Neodymium Magnet Capsule, Transformer output
Polar pattern: Super Cardioid
Frequency Response: 80~16000Hz
Sensitivity: -56dBv/pa (1.6mv/pa)
Rated Impedance: 500Ω
Dimension: 60mm x 35 mm x 130 mm

Guitar amp mich

Mike's Thoughts on the PRA628

I have ten work boxes that load one on each truck that goes out to shows. In each is a set of mics. In that set, there’s three of the Superlux PRA 628s for guitar amps.

I’ve used this mic (current and previous version) for about 15 years. I’ve never had one die – Never.

The sound; most would say it’s equal to a 57 or a Sennheiser e609. My sound guys think it sounds better for guitar (one uses them on snare drums). In the frequency range where the guitar lives in a PA’s mix, this mic gives the guitar more presence. It’s brighter, punchier and more in your face. One of my sound guys called it clarity, another presence. I’ll go with in your face.

The original 628 could handle 144db this version is 150db. It also has higher gain before feedback. The last version was round, this one’s square which helps it lay flat on the grill cloth when hanging over a guitar cab.

Years back, we did a mic shoot out to have all my guys vote on which mics of which we'd buy a bunch. We used 2- 4x12 cabs, same Marshall head. I put a mic on the top two speakers in each cab. No one knew what mic was where. Each mic got its own channel and all the engineers tweaked it to sound as good as they could get it.

The four mics compared where Shure SM57, Sennheiser E609, Audix i5 and the PRA628.

Vote was 7 to 1 on the 628 being the winner. Audix I5 got one vote. The E609 & 57 didn’t even place. The die hard e609 and 57 guys where pretty freaked out by the way. Old dog, new tricks and all.